Wine & Spirits Supply

We supply all your wine and spirit requests.


Hospitality Supplies

We supply all your hospitality requirements fr your hotel or restaurants. Our products range from cutlery, furniture, kitchen equipment, menus, napkins and many more.


Wine Training Services (Hotels & Restaurants)

This 90 minute restaurant service training course utilizes video and inline quizzes to ensure that by its completion you will be masters in the art of wine standards and handling. This course is meant for employees new to wine, people interested in wine, or those reviewing existing skills.
Course Objectives
Master the proper rituals for serving wine
Understand how to handle a cracked cork
Be able to handle a situation where wine is rejected by a guest


Wine Cellar Evaluations

We evaluate wine cellars and give our professional advice.


Wine List Creation


Wine Tasting Sessions

We evaluate wine cellars and give our professional advice.


Basic Computer Training


Book Keeping Services

We provide bookkeeping for new and small companies & company registration including issuing of BBBEEE, EME, Certificates.

We are accredited by the Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers (ICB)